Fall Season | Outfits Inspo With a Teddy Coat


Teddy is here !

strolling through BabyOnlineWholesale we stumbled upon the cozy Teddy coat, and obviously we couldn't pass up the opportunity to share some inspiration with beautiful looks.
Teddy bear coats may just qualify as the coziest part of the fall. Slightly oversize and oh-so fuzzy, these toppers are the perfect outwear staple that feel as soft, warm, and plush as they look. The teddy bear-inspired trend has made its way from the runway (We first saw the 'Teddy' coat was on the Max Mara runway for Fall-Winter 2013) to casual wear, and, as you'll soon notice, these plush jackets will quickly fill your entire Instagram feed throughout the fall and winter.

Just by looking at it we can know that it is the warmest garment that we can have in the closet.  Wow, it's like a bear hug to go! You can find it everywhere, from luxury brand boutiques to low cost stores.  As if that were not enough, it is super combinable.  You can practically wear it on top of any outfit.
 Note: The ideal is to wear tight clothing underneath, so as not to look so disheveled.

7 Outfit Ideas with Coktail Dress Perfect for Fall

 Inspo Fall !
we share 7 ideas of looks with perfect cocktail dresses for autumn, just combining with a jacket according to your climate and occasion this season is a perfect look.  This dress code is the most popular among corporate and social events, it is a middle ground between formal and casual and allows a certain freedom when dressing. Dresses by Babyonlinewholesale.

Why is Fashion (Suddenly) so Fascinated by Tulle?


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 valentino is usually one of his regular houses.  And Pierpaolo Piccioli could not have chosen a better canvas for some of the poems in his latest collection than tulle, the raw material he often turns to as a starting point for his dresses.  As have Rodarte, Christian Cowan, Dolce & Gabbana or Monique Lhuillier.  As the red carpet has also shown: without going any further, the Oscars 2019 was a parade of intricate dresses made in tulle, from the multiple ruffles of Miranda de Tavira or Linda Cardellini, to the delicate asymmetrical Rodarte that she wore, with much expectation  , the actress Yalitza Aparicio.  


Tulle has always had an omnipresent hole in collections, but for some time now, it seems that designers and therefore relevant Hollywood figures converge on a common point.  The question is, why is fashion suddenly so fascinated with him?  To try to answer, you first have to know it thoroughly.

Tulle anatomy
Tulle can be made of different materials, such as silk, which gives it a more flowing appearance, or synthetics, such as polyester, with a more rigid appearance.  Beyond its raw material, the distinctive issue lies rather in its structure: if you look closely at a piece of tulle with a magnifying glass, you can see a shape of small rhombuses or hexagons, like those of a honeycomb.

 Although its use in the popular community may seem relatively recent, the reality is that its history is linked to that of lace.  Lucina Llorente, an expert in fabrics at the Museo del Traje, explains to Vogue Spain that tulle began to be made with bobbins as a background for lace: “Normally in linen or silk, tulle was the background on which the nourished ones leaned to make  the motifs of the lace ”.  The tulle in the background, together with the lace, were handcrafted, so it was reserved “for the higher classes;  the people who lived in the court.  With the Industrial Revolution, both ceased to be an exclusive privilege within the reach of a few.  At the end of the s.  XVIII, explains Llorente, they begin to be made by machine: “Manuals coexist with mechanics, which helps them become very popular.  To lower the price, they are made of less expensive materials, such as cotton ”.

The close connection between lace and tulle justifies that there are certain regions that have specialized in both crafts. In the case of France, one of them is undoubtedly Calais and Caudry, in the north of the country. Here they came from the United Kingdom in the s. XIX the first trades related to mechanical tulle, originated by John Heathcoat and perfected by John Leavers. On French territory, artisan companies were developed whose names are closely linked to those of great creators in history, such as Cristóbal Balenciaga. Among the more than 70 textile suppliers of the Spanish couturier were several French companies that focused on supplying the tulle for their designs, such as Brivet, Dognin or Gaston Adolphe-Raysa. Another example is Hurel, responsible for the famous tulle roses in that first red Valentino dress (1959). To this day, he continues to collaborate with houses like Dior.

If there is a banner linked to the most recent shows, it is undoubtedly Sophie Hallette. Headquartered in Caudry, its workshops are behind the lace of the wedding dress of Kate Middleton or Amal Clooney. Its link to fashion and haute couture is almost innate: it is owned by other historical textile suppliers such as Marescot (since 1997) and is backed by Chanel, which in 2016 became a minority investor.

In addition to lace, Sophie Hallette is responsible for tulle for collections such as Dolce & Gabbanna or Valentino (for example, the illusion tulle that appeared on a green dress from her spring 2019 show).  The CEO of the French company, Romain Lescroart, explains to Vogue Spain that its production on this material has not changed much since its foundation more than 130 years ago, but its notoriety has done so: “Until recently, it was rare to see  a whole tulle dress, in fact, was a support for the embroidery by its strength.  Now, creating an entire tulle is very popular. "

Sexy Deep V Neck Front Slit Prom Dress | Short Sleeveless Tulle Appliques Long Prom Dress

His, made on looms, uses a more robust knot-based weaving technique: “the coil tulle is so fine that it is almost transparent, and it is highly resistant.  Today, it is one of the highest quality tulle ”.  And how does supplying tulle for a show work?  The spectrum they cover, from silk to tulle en pointe, is a range of possibilities for creators: "We have a wide range of different types, so they often choose from our designs," says Lescroart.



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If you have an important event at night, be it a wedding, a graduation, even a party, you should consider a different dress for each occasion.  If you are looking for fashionable dresses, youth dresses and dress models that adapt to your personality, be sure to read these tips to choose an evening dress and look spectacular.

Arleen | Cute Sweetheart Sparkle Sequined Homecoming Dress

1.You must take into account an important factor when choosing an evening dress: the color of your skin.  Generally, girls with white complexions wear evening dresses more in bright colors such as reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, violets, etc.  For brown skin, shades such as navy blue, black, dark gray, etc. are more advisable.

Stylish Appliques Long Sleeves Jewel A-Line Mini Homecoming Dress

 2.Feeling comfortable is important, so before choosing an evening dress, try it on, walk with it, wear it with the accessories you plan to wear and make sure that the cut suits you, that there is nothing in it that is more or less.  If everything convinces you: the neckline, the length, the shape of the skirt, etc., then you have found your ideal dress.

Arlinda | Halter Lace Appliques Pink Princess Homecoming Dress

3. The place of the party
 Choosing an evening dress is a task that must consider many aspects, generally these models are long and reach up to the ankles (at least) but depending on the event and where it will take place, we recommend you to think about your choice: it is not the same a  long evening dress in a rainy city than on a hot beach.  For weddings choose a long dress as it will give you elegance.  If it's a less formal event like a baby shower or christening, you can choose a mid-calf cocktail style or even a little above the knee.


PANDORA | A-line Off-the-shoulder Floor Length Black Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses       

4. Consider the event when choosing an evening dress, we tend to forget about the type of event we are going to.  Weddings, for example, require special attention to color, as white is exclusive to the bride.  For graduations it all depends on whether you are the graduate, in which case a long dress is recommended, or if you are invited, in this case the ideal are more casual evening dresses.

SNOW | A-line Short Sleeveless Beading Tulle Homecoming Dresses

5. The fabric
This aspect has a lot to do with the weather, if your event is a beach wedding, try to choose an evening dress with sheer fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and feel fresher.  If instead it is an event in the city, consider the possibilities of choosing a warmer evening dress that does not make you go cold. 
6. Patience!                                                                                   
 Choosing an evening dress is not an easy task, you will have to visit more than one store and sometimes, the dress you like will not be in the color or size you want, it will be too expensive or there will be some detail that you do not like at all  .  To do this, arm yourself with patience, go out to visit the stores in advance and have a clear idea in mind of what you would like for that special occasion.

Top 3: August Favorites | Nori&Norlis


 August !


We hope that all is well with all these days, taking advantage of the summer holidays we share our top 3 favorites of the month of August.

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Stuck on U Festival Sticker Clear Case
Our new favorite cases are from Casely with this animal design according to the summer!


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9 Iconic Pink Dresses from the Cinema


Tu lo dijiste Marilin, los hombres las prefieren rubias.

Gentlemen prefer blondes
This film makes for one of the most memorable costumes in cinema (red dresses included), but this time we are left with the dress that William Travilla devised for Marilyn Monroe with matching opera gloves. A design with its own Wikipedia page and replicated ad nauseam that the actress wore at the time she sings her Diamonds are a girl's best friend (and Madonna years later in her Material girl).

Inspiration Alternative by Babyonlinewholesale


The Italian actress Sofia Loren plays Yasmine in this 1966 spy movie. One of the most legendary scenes is in which Loren tries on different shoes that her lover treats her with. In it appears this ruffled dress, in pale pink, signed by Marc Bohan for Dior.

Inspiration Alternative


To Catch a thief
It is impossible not to review the wardrobe of a movie in which Grace Kelly does not appear as one of its main protagonists. In To Catch a Thief (1955), whose designs were carried out by the mythical Edith Head, the actress also wears a look in salmon pink and a print with white motifs and a delicate matching neck scarf. This set became part of the Debbie Reynolds collection that was auctioned in 2011. Its price was estimated between 30,000 and 50,000 dollars.

Pretty in pink
For posterity is the eighties dress in the pure style of graduation that Andie (Molly Ringwald) wears in the film. Dropped sleeves, lace collar ... nothing was missing.
Inspiration Alternative
Photo - Katie O. | Ador
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Yes, the black Givenchy dress worn by Audrey Hepburn is one of the most memorable of the film that adapts this novel by Truman Capote. However, another of the most iconic designs is this one in pink that Hepburn wears to match with a coat.

Ziegfeld Follies
This 1945 musical recreated some of the Ziegfeld Follies' most iconic shows. The film stars several of the most recognized talents of Metro Golden such as Fred Astaire or Judy Garland, although we are left with Lucille Ball and this pink dress with feathers that she wears in one of the most iconic numbers of the film . Helen Rose was one of the costume designers responsible for her wardrobe.

Inspiration Alternative

Dirty Dancing (1987) | 12 Popular Movie Plots Described By People Who Have Never Seen Them

Dirty Dancing
Jennifer Grey in a ball gown in Dirty Dancing by Emile Ardolino

In a minimalist version, like a slip-dress , it was the strapless dress in pink that Sissy Spacek wore to get under the skin of Carrie White. As an anecdote, the original dress in Stephen King's novel is red, but its costume designer Rosanna Norton decided that it was pink because it would look better with all the blood that would stain it later.

Inspiration Alternative

La La Land
With a vintage air but irresistible topicality: this was the sleeveless shirt dress with collars that Emma Stone wore on that walk through Los Angeles that she did with Ryan Gosling for this Oscar-winning film.

Inspiration Alternative


Information credits to Vogue.es