Pandemic Collection by FerrisBuilt

Hello guys, we hope to find well, especially in these times so crazy. Today with lots of emotion we publish this article showing you these great shirts of the FerrisBuilt Pandemic collection. The charming owner of this small business sent these two designs that we loved. The design of Beatles with the social distance message and the T-shirt from the University of the Pandemia were our winning designs. In these difficult times you just have to lethea creativity flow and create cool things. Ferris Built creates designs where art, situations of life, mental health and inspiring women are expressed.

Embody on his t-shirts and in everything they produce a little of life, of those things we feel, we think and we believe. From clothes, pins and stickers the truth is that they have to visit their site you are not going to regret, we promise.

Since you choose the pandemic collection, do not miss out this opportunity to tell you a little about how everything is going. Come that Pandemia University T-shirt, yes? Well, that should be uniform, as maybe we see another semester at home, guys is not easy to study engineering from home we secured, it’s crazy.

Here we share some of the things that we loved about your page.

You can find them on Instagram as @ferrisbuilt

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