These are The 5 Colors that Will be Trending in 2021 (in Addition to Those that Pantone says)

As every year, Pantone has announced its star colors, which in 2021 are Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. But in addition to this yellow and gray, both soft and vibrant, the shows for the new season confirm that red, green and pink will be a trend.


We start the new year and, very soon, also a new season. And in this 2021, it is more urgent than ever to turn the page, also in terms of fashion trends, and delve fully into the novelties and surprises of the new season that, fortunately for our spirits, will be dyed with powerful, optimistic colors and loaded with a very positive mood. There are five tones mainly that, apart from the two «colors of the year» named by Pantone, yellow and gray, include red, green and pink to raise our self-esteem and charge us with energy and strength to enjoy a spring that, without a doubt, some, in this 2021 it will be worth two. Enjoy!

Think Pink

Perhaps you are one of those women who do not coincide with some of the values assigned to a color like pink (femininity, romanticism, sweetness …). But believe us, this time you are going to fall in love. And it is that fuchsia, whether in flowing dresses like those of Jason Wu or Valentino, whose asymmetric necklines and classic inspiration are absolutely inspiring, or in exotic looks with mini knitted pulls and pleated skirts with ruffles like those proposed by Versace, transforms almost any type of garment and outfit in a wonderful display of sophistication, energy and joy.

Enigmatic green

The return to nature or, at least its definitive enhancement in the face of the global pandemic, gives us back the prominence of green in its totality of versions. Emerald, such as Michael Kors’ combinations of textures –point and satin–, or through layers of delicate gauze such as Valentino dresses, what is clear is that this tone is gaining prominence at a very opportune moment in which the concepts of hope, nature and sophistication, while energy and slow life, apparently antagonistic, come together in a trendy and friendly whole. Special mention should be made of the proposal by Simonetta Ravizza, with safari-style shorts and shirt and accompanied by accessories made of rope and natural raffia.

Woman in red

Always sensual, sophisticated and with an undoubted elegance, the total passionate network and lipstik version cannot be missing in our wardrobe. Whether in matching knitwear like Genny’s knit crop top and pencil skirt, to the Mediterranean sensuality and power of Dolce & Gabbana’s black strapless bodycon dresses, to Cividini’s marvelous minimalism and renewed tailored inspiration and ultra sophisticated by Fendi, this color takes hold in the new season with a clear message: empower us and encourage us to walk with a firm step.

Bright yellow

Its official name Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647), and from the Pantone Color Institute describe it as «warm, bright and cheerful, and that generates liveliness and effervescence». And although we see it in ethereal and semitransparent dresses by Alberta Ferretti –attention, because this type of garment will be one of the ones we will wear the most in spring, the more or less vibrant yellow stains main looks in forms like Altuzarra –in complete outfits even with blazers–, boho dresses and prints like those by Etro, fluorescent and pleated versions of Brandon Maxwell or satin coats that look almost like a unique garment, as proposed by Prada.

Shades of gray

Although it may surprise in principle that a color like gray is identified with values such as optimism and resilience, both necessary to face the new year, the tone baptized as Ultimate Gray (Pantone-17-5104) is the other Color of the Year that Furthermore, it is presented as the perfect ally of yellow. And if we look at the S / S proposals, it is indeed a leading color that, whether mixed with blue or with a more anthracite finish, inspires calm and natural and discreet elegance, not bad to show off in the hottest and most idle months. , hopefully, of the year. And this color is targeted by Armani, for whom it is a common resource to include it in their collections, firms that are more surprising such as Balmain and its charcoal gray versions of the tailor –with fitted shorts and XL shoulder jackets–, Jacquemus and his dresses with corselet neckline and large side slit or Max Mara and its combinations with stripes and marbled effect.

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