10 Long Red Dresses – The Best options.

Long red dress designs are a classic, in addition to this every woman should have at least one red piece in her wardrobe. Here is a collection of photos with the most beautiful models. Let us begin! ?

Many scientific studies support that red dresses are potentially better at reflecting an attractive and sensual image for gentlemen than fashion designs in other colors.

Scientists have called this phenomenon «the red effect» and believe it or not, it was found that men respond positively to this color.For this reason I leave you with this beautiful collection long red dresses so that you can select the one that best suits your style and dress an absolutely impressive night.

The length is one of the elements that is played with to ensure a beautiful and very stylized figure.

The long red evening dresses give a lot of elegance to the designs, and make them suitable for events in which it is necessary to dress according to the occasion.

Fabrics, cuts, settings and lines can vary the visual effect in many of the designs of long red dresses for a night party, let’s see a little:

Many elements such as the neckline can be combined to make a woman’s figure more beautiful and attractive…

The long red dresses with lace on skin-colored linings, insist the imagination, since they make an effect of total transparency.

Other details are added like this skirt with a front opening. Long red dresses with slits also provide a lot of sensuality.

The game of tones can change the effect of red and turn it into something much more chic…

The long red evening dress is very intense, it reflects all that restless way of being that you have, and that audacity to dare to wear all your elegance on top of you.

Despite not being a neutral color, red has the audacity to be combined with other colors, whether dark or light, always taking into account the type of event.

Accessories should also be taken into account, but they should not attract more attention than your dress! You can wear a handbag, an earring or a necklace, depending on the model, but you should mainly combine your accessories with silver or gold colors.

The applications on the neckline and the game in the cut of the fabrics for the skirts can make the dress a jewel that in red will make your figure shine…

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