10 Golden Dresses for the June Parties.

The color of June is gold, those of June are intelligent and resemble the rays of the sun because their presence energizes those around them. That’s why gold is the color that lifts them.

Since ancient times, the color gold is also associated with the sun and with the divine nature. It is the color of accomplishment and indulgence. In many cultures, such as ancient Egypt, it was the symbol of royal power. In Christianity it is very important and is linked to divinity. In other religions it is associated with knowledge, learning and wisdom. For the Buddhist religion it is a special color. The Golden Buddha of the Wat Traimit temple in Bangkok is one of the most important golden statues in the world.

Gold is also the color of worth. When someone is especially appreciated, it is said that it is «ground gold»; the champions in sports competitions receive the gold medal, the insignia indicating the graduation of the military, are also golden. It is also said that «all that glitters is not gold» when it is sensed that the value of something is not as much as it seems, or «it is solid gold» when it is.

The gold color is a shade of yellow. A warm color that can be bright and cheerful, but also matte and muted. It is the color associated with abundance, prosperity and well-being, as well as masculine energy, in the same way that silver (and the moon) are related to feminine energy. It usually has the quality of improving any mood.

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