Golden Rules for Getting a Fabulous Tan This Summer | Part 2

Trust the experts for a spray tan

Putting your tan in the hands of the experts is by far the best way to achieve that full glow seen on the runway – done the right way, the effect is as if you were painting your entire body perfectly with an airbrush. If you are tanning for an event or before a vacation, a spray tan a day or two in advance is recommended, giving the tan at least eight hours to activate. Then rinse off the guide color to feel glowing and golden.

Body makeup can enhance your tan

Compensate for your tan, natural or not, by strategically applying makeup. A stroke of golden body oil – like Fenty Beauty Body Lava in Brown Sugar, for example – on your clavicles and legs will highlight your golden glow even further.

Forget tanning beds

Tanning beds contribute to premature aging of the skin. There is strong evidence to suggest that tanning beds are associated with an increased risk of skin cancer, especially basal cell carcinoma (the most recurrent of all cancers). Therefore, avoid them at all costs.

Stay hydrated

If you want your tan to last longer, be sure to keep your skin hydrated. Remember to drink plenty of water, especially when in direct sunlight to avoid dehydration – which can make you feel terrible – and to keep your skin elastic, use a rich moisturizer to nourish your dermis and prevent peeling.

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