A guest dress in trend for each type of spring 2022 wedding

The experts warn: we have been joined by the desire and the weddings of the last 2 years. Trends confirm: there is the ideal dress for everyone.

Calm down, you are not the only one who has been joined by the desire and the weddings of the last two years. Industry experts announce record figures for this year, from spring to autumn. And not just among celebrities. In 2022 there will be more than 2.6 million weddings in the United States alone, more than in the last 40 years. Between those that were postponed and those that were already scheduled, the Bodas.net portal foresees a similar phenomenon in our country, so the panorama is especially complicated for all those guests with planned events beyond their economic and stylistic possibilities.

Or put another way, they are going to miss days at the hairdresser and dresses in the closet. Luckily, the trends, always one step ahead, have anticipated the season of weddings, baptisms and communions to make their task a little easier. All you have to do is see the new Sleeper, Reformation or H&M collections that arrive even a month before the first big wedding of the year: that of Maluma and Jennifer López in fiction.

From the movie wedding to the bucolic in the country, whatever the wedding, here is a dress for you.


She will fulfill her dream of matching the rest of the bride’s friends. Of course, each one in her own way.

The wedding : As much as the bride insists that hers will be different, she will end up fulfilling the three requirements of the millennial wedding: table of trinkets, flower crown and coordinated bridesmaids.

The dress :she Allows for all possible variations: from the simplest Moss dress (lingerie and spaghetti straps) to a delicate wrap dress.

The guest PIPPA

It is known as the Pippa effect – and if not, it should be – the involuntary action of stealing the spotlight from the bride on her big day. She happened to the little one of the Middletons with her sister and Kendall Jenner recently with a friend. Even with the consent of the bride, there is always a guest that stands out above the rest and that will be YOU.
The wedding: Simple and sentimental, the kind that requires sensible heels to last all night on the dance floor and waterproof mascara to withstand the emotional weight of all the speeches.

The dress : It is not, by far, the most striking have you noticed the cousin’s feathered headdress? – On the other hand, it is the most elegant. Often in neutral colors close to white (hence the astonishment) it stands out for its simplicity and sophistication.

The BOHO guest

The girl who loves long dresses, cowboy boots and cowboy hats on everyday days, also wears them on party days, only in the elegant version: with thin-strap sandals and with a simple headdress or flower arrangement on the back. hair.

The wedding: Rustic and bucolic. Outdoors with some spectacular scenery in the background and, in the best of cases, with live music. The dress → Incredibly long and incredibly roomy and comfortable. Who said girdle?

The guest FOR RENT

Pretty much the only one that will guarantee that your dress will be as special as your amazing taste in fashion. He has seen the opportunity to wear the brand dress he always dreamed of and he will not hesitate to wear it.

The wedding :Traditional, with as many Zara and Uterqüe dresses per person as in any trendy restaurant in Madrid.

The dress: Something borrowed, something blue, something velvety and SO elegant.

The modern guest.

You will recognize her because she is not wearing spare shoes. Just as she came (flat, heeled, or even Converse), she will leave.

The wedding : More classic or more modern, but always less than the only guest able to attend in slippers.

The dress: It would be the simplest of the invitation if it weren’t for the fact that it is SILVER and for its particular way of combining it.

The CLASSIC guest

I would never wear black to a day wedding or wear a short dress to a night wedding, she is PROTOCOL and elegance. She does not take off her headdress even to eat.

The PRACTICAL guest.

It does not go to the extreme of sneakers, but it prefers comfortable and functional silhouettes such as wrap dresses or shirts.

The wedding : Civil, restrained and discreet. Just like your closet.

The dress: A double-breasted American dress for all silhouettes and for all events.

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