Key Tips to Choose your Wedding Dress Part 2

How are your wedding plans going? here is the second part of the Tips to choose your dress.

1.Find a dress that makes you happy.

A mistake you can make is to choose a wedding dress that you do not love to please someone else, it may be that in the test your mother loved the dress or you think your boyfriend will like it, but you do not feel happy. Find one that you love! That is the best tip to look amazing.

2. Try on various styles

You may already have an idea of how you would like your wedding dress, this helps a lot in stores to show you dresses, however, do not stay without trying various styles! It happens to many brides that they are looking for a style and they take something completely different. So take the opportunity and try on all the dresses you need, you can go observing what you like about each one and thus define.

3.Find something comfortable

Sometimes there are very nice wedding dresses, but they are not comfortable for you. Think that you will wear it for many hours, it may be that you spend it dancing and do not feel comfortable, that you cannot sit or that after 2 hours you already want to take it off; so look for one that suits your wedding.

4. Always reflects your

Your wedding dress is a statement of style and your opportunity to invest in a unique piece for you. It is not about using a certain style, fabric and even color, «because it is what should be done at a wedding», on the contrary, your dress should fully reflect your personality and not make you feel that you are disguised.

5.Think of a complete look

When you are choosing the dress, think about how you want your complete wedding look to look, from the dress to accessories, headdresses, hairstyle and makeup, everything must go in harmony according to your tastes.

6.Search in unexpected places

If you are planning an alternative wedding, it may not be so easy to find your dress in traditional bridal shops, dare to look in different places! You can find them in vintage stores, with some designers outside of your city, on internet pages, department stores and even pre-owned dresses.

Above all, enjoy every moment and choose a wedding dress that makes you feel happy, comfortable and reflects you.Don’t worry about anything else, you will look amazing!

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