The Style keys to Look Sensual and Elegant Like María Félix!

If La Doña taught us something, it is that sensuality and elegance are not in dispute. Here is the style legacy of María Félix to put it to the test now!

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The epitome of fashion and style: this is how we could define the great diva of Mexican cinema, María Félix. Because we cannot deny that she, even after her death, continues to be a benchmark of personality, beauty, sensuality and elegance, which transcends even beyond her time and the screen!

Both her impeccable styles, as well as her striking, powerful, sophisticated and provocative attitude, are what to date lead us to consider her as an icon worthy of inspiration in every way. Fortunately, through her interviews, the most famous phrases of María Felix to heal a broken heart and, of course, with her always perfect image, La Doña was able to convey some of her style cues so that we can begin to put them into practice. practice as soon as possible. So she takes note!

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Forge your own style

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He repeated it well on multiple occasions: «it is not enough to be pretty, you have to know how to be», because he firmly believed that to be beautiful, you had to have your own style. And boy was she not wrong at all!
In fact, one of the fundamental steps to wear a look of 10 is to find and own your own style, making the most of your personality. Something that La Doña made clear through her distinctive jewelry – like hers famous Cartier diamond and emerald crocodiles or her well-known snakes – and with her impeccable beauty looks.

Show off your best features!

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Yes, possibly María Félix possessed unmatched features and figure that made her look fantastic with everything she wore but, if something is true, it is that she also knew exactly what it was that made her stand out twice.

And it is that as she confessed in 1996, during an interview for a television program, she believed that the key to looking perfect was to find and select only those pieces that you already know will make you look good. A truth that, although we all know, we do not always stick to it in the attempt to follow new trends.
On the other hand, personality is also a fundamental factor, so making yourself feel genuine and true to yourself is key so that everything you wear makes you look and feel perfect.

Safety is the foundation of everything.

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Undoubtedly, her unique bearing, sensuality and elegance had only one secret: self-confidence. Because, as he said many times, having security in oneself and showing our personality without fear of what they will say, can make us look much more attractive. Something that was definitely more than clear every time we saw it both on and off the screen. Just look at each of her iconic photos!

Having balance is essential.

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María Félix was a woman who stood out for her perpetual style and good taste, qualities that were always favored with the exact touch between sensuality and elegance. And it is that she knew how to create a balance between both, both through the choice of each piece that she used, and with her imposing, haughty and self-confident personality.

But that harmony was not only noticeable in her beauty routines and her fashion choices, but also in the way she used to live life. An aspect that she made very clear in several interviews, since La Doña made room for herself every day to read, keep up to date with the most relevant news, take a good exercise session, have breakfast calmly and spend a few minutes on the phone to talk with those who they were part of his life.

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