The 7 Trends for Party Dresses 2023 that you have to know.

Have you been invited to a wedding and you don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry! In this article we go through the 10 most important trends in party dresses for the 2022/2023 season. Discover them!

From elegant dresses with transparencies to two-piece outfits, asymmetrical or voluminous dresses… This season party dress designs offer many options and for all tastes! Last week the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week took place —one of the most important events in bridal fashion— and here we tell you what’s coming so you can find all the inspiration you’re looking for to be the perfect guest.

Party dresses with transparencies.

Dresses with transparencies are one of the trends in party dresses. It is not necessary for the entire dress to be transparent, look for one that only shows the parts you want: it can be the arms, the legs, the neckline or the waist. For this outfit you must be especially careful with the underwear you wear, keep in mind that it must be up to the look if it is visible. Would you dare to wear a dress with transparencies?

Party dresses with volumes

The volume can be in any part of the dress: it can be a bow, a puffed sleeve, part of the neckline or in a super pompous skirt. The options for this look are many and varied. It will be a look that will have to be given a try! Ideal for a very elegant evening dress.

Party dresses with asymmetries

Can’t decide whether to wear a short dress or a long one? Here is the solution: bet on an asymmetrical one, which is short in the front and long in the back. This dress cut will add sensuality and originality to your party look. But you must keep in mind that you must combine it with very nice shoes, since they will be exposed.

Sexy Slit Prom Dresses

If you are looking to wear a daring and original outfit, this is one of the best options: a dress with different types of openings, also known as cut outs. They can be lateral to the height of the waist, in the part of the back or a super cut. These dresses are increasingly used among the guests, as they combine elegance, originality and sensuality.

Party dresses with marked necklines.

For those looking for a super sexy look, they can bet on a dress with a large neckline. It can be a pronounced V or it can be a dorsal neckline that leaves the back visible. Either one brings a lot of sensuality to your party look. Which option would you choose?

Prom dresses with cape.

More and more dresses include a cape. This accessory adds elegance to the look. There are several models: layers that are attached to the neck of the dress, others that are tied at the back or fall from the shoulders, they can be long like a train or shorter. In any situation, a layer is a great success!

Party dresses with crop top and long skirt.

Ideal for those guests who want a modern look, the crop and the skirt are an excellent and super versatile combination. Since it will allow whoever wants to wear it to adapt to any situation. Changing the colors or the length of the skirt, this combination can be used both in a night wedding and in a daytime one. Would they wear this look?

Remember that your outfit is not complete until you decide what your hairstyle, makeup and accessories will be like. If you are looking for more party dress options, we suggest you visit our catalog with models from different designers and of all types and colors.

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