How to Combine a Red Dress with Style!

We tell you how to combine a red dress with style taking as a reference the best looks of the experts.

You do not need many reasons to wear a red dress whenever you can, but we are going to give you one that may convince you. Did you know that red lipsticks produce an instant good face effect? The same thing happens with red dresses and we are going to tell you why.

Surely you have heard more than once that red is a color that suits us all. There are two types of skin: cold and warm. Cold skins are those with a higher percentage of blue particles, and warm skins have a higher percentage of yellow particles. Hence, the types of skin determine if we have better colors or others. However, and interestingly, both people with cold and warm skin have the same percentage of red particles. Hence, it is a universal color that favors everyone.


In general, red is such a strong and powerful color that it takes center stage in an outfit. Therefore, the best option will always be to combine it with neutral colors such as white, black or grey. Although it will also make a very harmonious contrast with orange, pink or earth tones, since they are just as warm and close on the color wheel.

For you to see it more clearly, we have prepared a selection of looks featuring a red dress. Take a look at the gallery!

How to combine a red dress: with black.

Charming Sleveless Red Homecoming Dress Sweetheart Evening Party Dress

The favorite combination of influencers and celebrities for all kinds of events is red and black. The mix of these colors is one of the most elegant, since black provides sobriety and counteracts the intensity of red. A combo suitable for daily and also for formal looks (including red carpet or wedding).

How to combine a red dress: with white

Glamorous Tulle Hi-Lo Prom Gowns

If you prefer, you can opt for white and achieve an equally stylish look (or the mix of red, white and black proposed by Gitta Banko). Being neutral colors, they marry perfectly both with each other and with red. We love the result!

Red Off The Shoulder Lace Midi Swing Evening Gowns Prom Dress

How to combine a red dress: with silver

A-line Short Tulle Evening Dress with Appliques
Strapless Red Evening Dress Satin Aline Wedding Guest Dress

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