10 Secrets that will make you a more elegant woman starting today.

We give you the guide with the best style tips so that you can be a more elegant woman at any time and place, and at any age!

Being an elegant woman goes beyond wearing clothes and accessories from luxury brands, it is synonymous with good taste, attitude, education and class. It is a lifestyle that only some people decide to adopt, but being elegant is not as complicated as it seems and we can all become it if we want. For this reason, we leave you with some tips so that you can surprise everyone and become the sophisticated woman that you would like to be. Are you ready?

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1.Improve your posture

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It won’t help that you look gorgeous and that you wear the best clothes in your outfits to look more elegant if you’re hunched over or sticking out your belly.

Try to keep your back straight when you stand, but also when you walk and sit. It is important that your posture is natural and comfortable with it, otherwise you will look fake instead of sophisticated.

2.Light makeup is the most elegant.

For example, if your eyes have dark or very striking tones, choose a * nude lipstick * but if you want to paint your lips red, make up your eyes in a more natural way.

An elegant woman does not need kilos of makeup to stand out, but you will need to invest more in your skin care and in your health and hygiene habits (from regular visits to the dentist and dermatologist, to exercising, staying hydrated and sleep at least 8 hours a day).

3.Get to know yourself better!

Another of the best tips that will make you a more elegant woman is to identify which shades go best with your skin tone and which are the clothes that flatter your body the most, without making it look vulgar. It is also important that you identify your personal style and that you stick to it.

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4.Avoid carelessness.

Dirty, wrinkled or old looking clothes project a bad image of you and project zero elegance on a woman. As we had mentioned, the same applies to your hygiene and personal care, from your hair and your smell, to your nails, they must have a good appearance.

5.Invest in items and accessories to elevate your outfits.

We recommend you go for items that will give any of your outfits a classy touch, such as a good pair of stilettos or a bag that is easy to combine and that you can always use. A sophisticated perfume that matches your personality is also a great investment. Best of all, this is the type of clothing that will make you look more elegant on work video calls and with your friends.

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6.Taking care of your language will increase your elegance.

Avoid using profanity and yelling when speaking, the most elegant women stand out for their good manners and kindness. In addition, they are usually educated and intelligent, so they always have an interesting topic of conversation.

7.Be more exact.

Make sure the clothes and shoes you wear are your size. Something that is too big or too tight will never look good and less elegant! You must also be successful to adapt to the weather and the occasion, respect the dress codes of the events you go to.

8. A woman should never lose her balance.

You can adopt different tendencies, without abusing. For example, avoid using more than three different colors in your looks and don’t combine animal print with sequin garments or metallic and neon colors at the same time.

Your accessories must also be in balance with your outfits: when you resort to clothing in neutral tones, it is better to use striking pieces, but if your outfit is very busy, you should choose discreet accessories. This is key to being a more elegant woman.

9. Leave more to the imagination in your looks.

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Showing too much skin is not sexy, it’s vulgar. The best thing is that you are more subtle, when it comes to being more elegant. We suggest you wear one neckline at a time, either on the back or on the chest. If you’re wearing a tight top, it’s best to keep your skirt long and your pants loose.

10.Don’t shout the brand.

We don’t need to know who the designer of each of the pieces you’re wearing is. In fact, an elegant woman is more discreet and she does not need to wear the most expensive clothes to highlight her class, because she knows that elegance has to do with her good taste and not with her money.

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