Ideas on How to Wear the Tie Dye Print with Style!

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The tye die for many is a challenging print when it comes to trying to wear it with style, characterized by being a casual print even to be at home, we will show you different ways to turn it around and be able to look casual but fashionable at the same time.
We faithfully believe that the key is in the accessories: shoes, bags, hats… Anything goes!

In this case, colorimetry is important. If you don’t know which colors suit you best, you can consult an image consultant on the subject. Still remember that the point of tie dye is to have fun with the colors. Some designs cover a certain range of colors, but still the most common is to find more than two in the same garment. If you do not feel comfortable with many colors, look for those that apply another color to a background, for example, blue denim with white discoloration; or a white shirt with your favorite color.

Available at Babyonlinewholesale

When combining colors you can experiment to where you feel most comfortable. If you consider yourself conservative, maybe you can try with a single garment, combine it with a piece of some color present in the tie dye and complement it with some contrast. The important thing is to select solid pieces, without more details so that they do not steal the limelight from the main piece.

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