Tips to go Outside Warm in Winter and not die Trying

The beginning of winter is making itself felt strongly, and what better way than to face this season warm and fashionable.

Winter clothes are famous for helping us combat low temperatures and allow us to be warm, but stylish, however, the question always seems to be the same: “what should I wear?”.

It seems that every year the same questions arise, however, each season the answers vary depending on the new trends and novelties in the fashion arena.

For this reason, we made a compilation with everything you must take into account to dress during this cold season.

How do I dress properly for this season?

the most practical and functional thing is to dress in layers, «since with this technique not only cold and humidity are controlled, but body heat is preserved».

They always recommend using three layers, depending on the activity to be carried out and the outside temperature. This is because, if few clothes are worn, your body tends to cool down too quickly. On the other hand, if you use several at the same time, perspiration can cause the clothes to become damp and cause an unnecessary cold.

  • First layer: Its function is to absorb moisture and keep the skin dry and warm. It should be tight to the body, like a second skin. They can be a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.
  • Second layer: These garments should be a little looser than those of the first layer and the idea is that they have the quality of windbreak, this serves to help conserve your body heat, isolating the moisture that the first layer absorbs, sending it towards the outer layer.
  • Third layer: It is the one that serves as a barrier against wind, rain and, if we are in some other colder region, snow, therefore, it is recommended that it be waterproof and it is recommended that they be one size larger than usual.

Good footwear is essential.

Having good winter shoes is the guarantee of comfort and protection for walking on wet and slippery terrain, common in this season.

For this reason, we recommend comfort before notoriety, since at this time the most important thing about shoes or boots is that they protect from the cold.

In addition, you must make sure that they are waterproof, so that their function of thermal insulation is fulfilled.

Protect your head and limbs

Sheltering extremities such as the head, neck, your hands and feet is a priority, this because the «feeling of cold» often begins because one of these is unsheltered.

It is very important to protect your head against cold, wind and humidity with a good hat that covers up to the ears. “This one is usually worn under the waterproof hood that winter coats usually have. Earmuffs can be added, according to the taste and level of heat that is desired ”.

Also, remember that no winter outfit is complete without a scarf. «A scarf is essential, which prevents the cold from seeping into the space left by the coats at the neck level».

For hands and feet, we recommend wearing “two-layer” gloves and socks: “The first, thin and tight to the foot to absorb the cold; and the latter, preferably made of wool, merino or other natural or synthetic fiber, to fulfill a thermal insulation function «.

Find the right materials for the season.

To be warmer, we recommend wearing clothing with natural or synthetic fibers, specially designed to preserve body heat and isolate cold and moisture. Which is why you have to forget, at least for a few months, your jeans and favorite cotton shirt

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