Dresses for short women: tricks to choose well and super pretty seasonal options

If you are here it may be for two reasons. One, you have completely fallen in love with short dresses and you cannot live without them (calm, I understand you). Two, you still do not know or do not believe that clothes for short girls really exist and you are about to discover the solution to so many hours wasted and money spent putting down all your dresses.

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Whether you have recognized yourself in the first or the second situation, you are going to love this section. Not only is it full of dresses for short women but I have filled it with styling tips for short girls that will help you know what type of petite dress will fit you best according to your body.

What dresses for little girls suit us best?

Okay, the first tip to recommend a dress or another is to know very well the type of body you have. This is essential whether you are a short, chubby, tall, curvy woman or whatever you want to call it.

In general, short girls with lots of curves look great in straight dresses; For those with a triangular-shaped body, dresses that visually broaden the shoulders look great; to slim girls with few curves, both tight dresses and those that visually create curves … And so we could continue with an endless list of fashion tips for short girls with their respective pros and cons.

Straight dresses to lengthen

Of all the dresses for short women that have been and have been, dresses with a cut at the waist and a straight fall are the absolute winners. Why? Just as it happened when we talked about pants for short girls, in this type of dress the skirt begins to fall from well above the beginning of the legs, thus creating a visual sensation of longer legs.

Although they look good on all types of bodies because they stylize, they are great especially if you want to refine the silhouette and reduce the hips. This type of dress works both in long dresses and in midi dresses or mini dresses. Sign up this type of shape for party dresses, wedding dresses or for an event because they will surely not disappoint you.

Dresses above the knee, always a good hit.

If you are not a fan of mini dresses, dresses up to above the knee are also perfect for short ones. Try to avoid dresses that end at the calf, just below the knee. These types of dresses usually visually shorten the leg by cutting the cufflink.

Long fan? Long dresses are also for the short ones.

If knee-length dresses aren’t your thing either and you don’t want a long dress, a dress above the ankle may be a good option. If you want to wear them with sneakers, it is better that they are elongated converse type to give a greater feeling of length.

Why do we like them so much? If they go against everything that has always been said that mini skirts are better for that reason to show more legs. By covering our bodies so much it seems that the only thing we achieve with these long garments is to shrink ourselves even more. Well, none of that.

Let me show you that maxi dresses are made for everyone and that little girls can look great. The trick is in the pattern we choose and, as always, the shape according to our body type.
Do you remember that we have said that dresses with a cut at the waist are always a success in short girls? It is time you saw that this cut in long dresses stylizes a lot.

Dresses with prints, better small and vertical stripes.

Although we know that plain dresses are wonderful, we do not always have to choose this option that for many tastes is borderline dull. Spicing up your wardrobe with a printed dress never hurts. For example, stripes are a super used pattern and very appreciated if you want to lengthen the figure. Of course, choose dresses with vertical stripes rather than horizontal stripes.

As a general rule, prints with smaller motifs will suit us better than large ones. Behind this theory, which at first does not convince much, there is a simple reason. To choose a dress, we look for shapes and colors that create a feeling of verticality and therefore make us stylize the figure.

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