How to Combine the Trendy colors of Spring summer 2022.

Pastel colours, neon, earth tones… this season, colors are an invitation to creativity and freedom of expression. In this post we leave you the main color combinations seen on the catwalks.

The seasonal fashion colors are always a mirror of what is happening and of a collective feeling linked to the current moment. For spring/summer 2022, on the one hand we seek balance and stability, as a reflection of a situation still full of uncertainties, and on the other we are filled with optimism longing for this long-awaited sensation of freedom.

That translates into a palette where soothing, familiar colors blend freely into happy, vibrant hues. There are no rules, the key word is creativity in mixing and juxtaposing shades to express ourselves through color.


One of the great color trends for SS2022 is the use of pastel tones. They provide tenderness and color in a moderate way, they are pretty and are super trendy.

Pastel pink, powdery and deliciously feminine, and the most delicate yellow are the main stars of this trend. But also lilac, light blue and pale green are added to the trend.

Pastel colors are worn as a total look for flirty spring looks or are the perfect base to create explosive and trendy combinations. The combinations that work the most are: pastel + neon (for the most trendy looks) or pastel + earth tones (the passpartout colors of the season).


Pink with red, a new classic that never fails. This spring/summer combo works with all the hot pink spots (pale, fuchsia, bubblegum) and is paired perfectly with vivid red Poicinciana. The combination with neon tones is also very groundbreaking, especially with acid green.


The cold and delicate yellow is so subtle that it works well even in a total look. The basic combinations are with white, black and earth tones. The combination with the other trendy pastel colors is very spring-like and delicate.


In a total look, with red or tangerine playing to create balance with their complements and, of course, with earth tones. The blue/light blue + beige/brown combination is one of the main color combinations of the season.


Elegant Mermaid Halter Pool

Acid green, bright orange, fluorescent pink, bright red and purple, are the colors that bring the incredible energy that the fashion palette of this SS2022 has. We talked about the violet Very Peri, color of 2022 according to Pantone and how to wear it, we already talked about in this post.

We have already started wearing acid green this winter and we have discovered that, despite being such an intense and special color, it suits us very well. So now we can start daring with the other trendy colors. They are very intense shades and bring a lot of energy and positivity, so go ahead and use chromotherapy.

They can be worn as a total look to bring out all their strength or even combined with each other to create even more powerful looks.


It is one of the colors that we will wear the most this season. Flattering, attractive and full of energy. Very powerful in total look, lowered and balanced with blues or earth tones. The most fashionable combination is undoubtedly the one with the pink that is pastel, bubble gum or neon. Classic but always very successful, the red-white combination, the essential color of summer that we will wear a lot this year.


In addition to pastel and neon colors, in the fashion color palette for spring summer 2022, we find a few earth tones that are responsible for providing stability and a cozy feeling of comfort.

No Beige and browns are typically autumnal hues. But this year they surprise us by presenting themselves as the perfect ally for our fashionable color combinations or even to wear as a total look.

We can think of Coffee Quartz brown or Coca Mocha as if they were the black of the season, basics that practically go with all the other fashion colors.

In fact, they are perfect combined with pastels and reduce intensity and provide a touch of stability to neon. The combination of acid green or vibrant blue with the various brown tones of the season is without a doubt the winning match.


Calming, positive and most flattering, deep and bright blue is one of the it colors of summer.

In Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend we have two variants, the vibrant Super Sonic blue from London Fashion Week and the inspiring Skydriver from New York Fashion Week. We also have the deeper, greener variant of the Harbor Blue.

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