20 Ways to Wear Your Pajamas in Public!

Many times, the solution to «I don’t know what to wear» can be found under the pillow instead of inside the closet itself. Yes, several years ago pajamas began to be considered feasible options not only for going out, but also for attending events as a guest. From stylish nightgowns to a colorful two-piece set, well-chosen pajamas can save you from any occasion in one night (or one day).

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Pajamas have become garments that have managed to merge elegance and comfort with a classy style. They can be combined both with stilettos to achieve a guest look, and with flat sandals or ballerinas for more informal occasions. Without a doubt, it is a trend that has come to stay.

Pajamas, despite their possible bright colors, are simple and easy to wear garments that require the right accessories for their perfect display. Among these accessories we cannot forget a bag that gives the look a festive touch in the case of basic pajamas, or, on the contrary, that gives it a natural look if we are talking about more ornate pajamas. Jewelry also plays a fundamental role if we want to bet on a pajama look. Likewise, another urban option is to incorporate a black or white tank top (depending on the tones of the pajamas) to wear under the open shirt. Infinite options, after all, that not only guarantee us to be perfect for any occasion, but also a perfect look to be comfortable and, if the occasion requires it, jump straight from the street to bed without the need for any stop technique.

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