Trendy blouses for 2022: a look from casual to irreverent

When it comes to sophistication, blouses take the lead. Its transformative capacity breaks borders, promising to invite an elegant result and, sometimes, an effortless end. We have already talked about the shirts that instantly rejuvenate, the attractive ones that conquer paradigms, and the romantic ones that elevate grunge garments, but the time has come to bring them together in a single space.

As we all love the piece in view, the fashion editors were in charge of listing the trending blouses for 2022. These will navigate between the classic and the casual, to the most casual and controversial. The truth is that they will fill with dynamism and everyday life, and we will only say something else, they will be love at first sight. Prepare pencil and paper, because it is time to include in your wardrobe the designs that will exalt your style.

Cheap blouses for work

With colorful bows and sleeves.

With butterfly sleeves.

The allure of flamboyant and refined blouses was reflected in various fashion houses. Carolina Herrera, in her spring-summer 2022 collection, honored the fame of shirts with bows and XL sleeves, for her debut she chose a white shade that will never go out of style. Prabal Gurung, in his Pre-Fall 22 parade, opted for the capacity of the boleros, and highlighted a maxi lazo.

Blouse dress.

Sexy blouses for women

Dramaticism will be worn in the back or hem, so dress-leaning tops herald their standout permanence, further showing the reign of the Y2K vibe. Louis Vuitton for the summer 2022, will star in its undefeated entry in said design. This will be worn with straight jeans and dad sandals for a ‘best dressed’ effect. In turn, it can be associated with wide pants as Blumarine verified.


Femininity and polished sparkles, the appointment expected by romantic blouses. Delicate embroidery, transparent fabrics, tulle, boleros and lace are the notable features of this select model. Michael Kors was one of the firms that revived the magic of the ladylike style. On his side, Naeem Khan clamored for the sexiness of bare shoulders and little flashes of glitter.


Structured collars, colossal sleeves, laces to tie and a corset effect, they arrive to testify to the return of the Victorian era. After reviewing with a magnifying glass we believe that a little romanticism is present; a creation with magnitude will fill any desired style with character. To give a trendy twist to these tops, cargo pants arrive, these will be in charge of adding a sign of sophistication.


Michael Kors and Victoria Beckham look forward to seeing summer in classic blouses, those with a French collar and single breasted. To wear them like the experts, the American firm proposes to stylize them with an ‘A’ cut skirt, and a belt. Likewise, it can be exhibited with mom jeans to achieve a casual gesture, or with sequined pants for a heroic entrance to the asphalt.


A distinguished mood approaches that asymmetric design by Tory Burch, in its Pre-Fall 2022 collection. A lilac blouse (the accessory that every wardrobe needs) makes a presence with a draped effect on the sides, creating a stylized look and greatly emphasizing measure waist. Wear it with long skirts on spring days, or with baggy jeans for a carefree arrangement. Naeem Khan designates wearing asymmetrical blouses with more sensual notes. In order not to take a false step, showing them with high-waisted pants will be just right.


One of the most innovative blouses and always on point is the one in satin; they offer a courteous shine to any outfit, they are ideal to cover formal events, or maximize the day to day. Basic colors such as ecru, gray and black will emphasize. However, a faded slant or dip dye will come into play.


Knitted blouses are emerging as a playful alternative to complete a successful wardrobe. Chanel in its spring-summer 2022 collection, demonstrated the fashionista power that these monopolize. Its finish will consummate daily looks, and like the romantic seal shirts, they will dictate a gallant end. Giambattista Valli, verified the nocturnal trance that these can have when linked to matching skirts, ideal for those dinners with a view of the sea.


A sexy movement insists on influencing the fashion scene, the transparencies are, without a doubt, the lavish conjugation to banish those short models that leave a large part of the skin exposed, in addition to radiating interesting touches. Peter Do, focused on a maxi creation that promises more serenity. Nensi Dojaka’s effusive style has overshadowed a lingerie-inspired blouse that will work well with blazers and tailored trousers.

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