How to wear a sequin dress

Sequin dresses are a garment worthy of wearing on a red carpet. They shine with their own light, and they are so elegant, that you hardly need anything else to complement them. But what happens when I have to choose the shoes, bags and outerwear to complete a look with a sequin dress?

The really complicated thing is when we have to decide with what we are going to wear this colorful garment. We don’t even have it easy, although it is a black sequin dress, because this special fabric is already heavy enough to encourage us to add anything else.

Ideas to combine your sequin dress

Sequin dress shoes.

In order not to detract from the main garment of your look, which in this case is the sequin dress, wear a basic and elegant high-heeled shoe. Pumps or high-heeled sandals in black or nude are the best option for a special occasion, being able to choose if you want between different materials.

Some leather, suede or perhaps patent leather stilettos are perfect to wear with your evening dress. In winter you can also opt for high-heeled ankle boots, or even high boots to wear with a short black dress.

An alternative to the basic colors that I love and that is always great for party dresses, are shoes and accessories in metallic tones. Colors like gold, silver, bronze, or any other metallic tone will be great for a black dress and your party looks.

Sequin dress with fur coat

What kind of jacket do I wear with a fur dress when it’s cold? The answer will depend on the weather and the occasion.

You have many models of jackets that go phenomenal with these dresses, from a classic black blazer, a perfect leather one, to fur coats that are super warm and very elegant for an event in style.

Hair and sequins are two party fabrics that can always go hand in hand. Take advantage of your most elegant occasions to take them together, because you will not find any other moment when they marry so well

And if it is not cold enough to wear a fur coat, a stole of the same material will also come in handy.

Sequin midi dress.

Sequins do not always have to be black or gold, there are many other colors that you can use to get the most fun looks. And you do not have to opt for an extremely short dress, or super long for a red carpet. Sequin midi dresses are feminine and elegant in equal measure.

Monochrome look with sequin dress.

The fur stoles in a color that matches the color of your fabric are super feminine and will give you a most elegant style at your winter events. Either to take to your Christmas or New Year’s dinners, as a wedding guest or for an evening event.

If you are not sure how to wear a sequin dress, do not complicate yourself at all. Go for a monochrome look with accessories that match the main color of the dress.

We see a clear example with this black evening dress, combined with shoes and bag of the same color. Isn’t that great?

A simple and at the same time elegant combination, adding accessories that not only do not steal the spotlight from the dress, but also enhance it to make you look impressive.

Full color sequin dress

We finish our proposals to combine a full color sequin dress with accessories of all kinds so that you can continue to use it beyond the night or a special event.

Because today sequin garments are not just for going out to party, you can wear your favorite dresses with flats, sports shoes, and even ankle boots to reduce formality and get a lot out of it.

Those with more vivid colors, for example with prints or bright pink tones, I find the most fun to go out for the day. To have a coffee, to shop with your friends, and also for informal gatherings with the family on a special day when you don’t have to dress in formalwear.

Counter the formality of your dress with more casual clothes and accessories to be able to wear your favorite sequin dress whenever you feel like it. And you, how do you usually combine it to go out to party or for your day to day? Do you usually wear this type of dress frequently or have you not yet encouraged to take the step?

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