15 Fashion Facts You Sure Didn’t Know

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The clothes we wear today are the result of many years of evolution and experimentation, and although today it seems very common, in ancient times many things were not used as we do today.

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1. American writer Mark Twain invented the bra clips we wear today.
2. Until the 19th century, children were dressed like adults.  There were no clothes designed for them.
 3. In 1910 it was common for children as young as 5 or 6 to be dressed in dresses.
4. In 1860, dresses were so loose that women often got stuck in doors.
 5. In South Korea there was a real “fashion police”, who measured the length of women’s skirts.  If they were too short, then they could go to jail.
 6. Until the 17th century, people did not usually wear underwear, and the truth is that they were very comfortable with it.
7. Queen Victoria was the first to wear a white dress for her wedding;  before that, that color represented mourning.
 8. Astronauts don’t wash their clothes, they throw it into the earth’s atmosphere where it is instantly incinerated.
 9. In the 17th century people wore live chameleons as an accessory.
 10. The first heels were worn by both women and men, as they provided stability when riding.

11. The predecessors of heels are called Chapines, they were used in the 16th century and they measured from 15 cm to a meter!
12. The first fashion magazine was published in France in 1678 and was aimed at men.
13. The first shopping center where clothes were sold dates back to ancient Rome.


14. In 1918, blue was for girls for being a delicate color and pink for boys for being stronger and more passionate.
 15. The most expensive shoes are Dorothy’s red slippers in the Wizard of Oz movie, they cost 3 million dollars!

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