10 Glamorous Wedding Dresses

Weddings postponed on the calendar, links canceled with no scheduled date, new ways of getting married with masks as protagonists, antigen tests and a number of guests in free fall. The bridal industry has not gone through its best moment and many couples have had to do some real juggling to get on with their big day. After a long period of sacrifices and uncertainty, as Amandine Ohayon, CEO of Pronovias Group, said during the digital presentation of its collections for next 2022, what brides continued to cling to at all times and with the same enthusiasm was, precisely, to her dress.

Now that we are more hopeful and it seems that we are beginning to see a glimmer of light after all the situation we have experienced, many brides dare to dream aloud about their wedding day again and begin to look at the trends that the best brands in store have in store for them. face next year. Several bridal brands have already ventured to reveal what will be some of their star proposals: the silhouettes, inspiration, fabrics and accessories that will dominate the scene in 2022.

Pearls, sequins, micro-rhinestones, three-dimensional flowers… and feathers! The opulence and glamor come in the form of the finest feather appliqués that add an extra dynamism to the designs, sometimes a touch of rebellion and above all a lot of theatricality.

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