All About a Minimalist Bride and what Elements cannot be missing.

Today we want to share with you more about one of our favorite wedding trends: minimalism, but focusing on the bridal look and those elements that cannot be missing.
The main characteristics of minimalism is that it focuses on remembering the main purpose behind each element, in order to make wise decisions behind each choice and, hand in hand, follows an aesthetic line.

That translated to a bride is reflected in those who seek to see themselves in the mirror on their wedding day and feel themselves, without so many decorations, few jewelry, natural makeup and a super simple dress. Let us remember that simplicity or the phrase «less is more» does not mean sacrificing style and elegance.
That is why below we want to share the most important elements in a minimalist bride and how to take advantage of them.

Wedding dress.

Chic Cap Sleeves White Mermaid Wedding Dress with Lace Appliques High Neck Bridal Dress

The perfect dress for a minimalist bride is one with classic and simple silhouettes but with a twist that gives a modern touch to the design, with plain fabrics and elements that make a fashion statement, the necklines will be your best ally, as well as the sleeves asymmetric. You can also add an element like a bridal cape or a delicate veil.
The advantage when buying this type of dress is that you can look for them outside the bridal market, which will also help you save a little if you do a good search.


New Charming Off-the-shoulder sleeveless Sheath Satin Ruffle Wedding Dress with Sweep Train

Following the rule of minimalism where «less is more» and as a bride you seek to feel yourself, comfort is the golden rule when choosing every detail, especially your shoes, because they will accompany you all day. Choose a pair of shoes in which you feel they are part of you, always taking into account the type of floor of the venue where your wedding will be.

For the design, choose something with fine details or curious shapes, follow the same line with which you chose your wedding dress so that they complement each other perfectly.


Minimalist hairstyles give the impression of carefree and simple, but this does not mean that they do not look chic. The favorite of minimalist brides is loose hair parted in the middle with slightly marked waves, another favorite is to wear the hair in a ponytail. But there are many more options, you can pick it up in a bun, with a brooch or an “undone” braid.


Wedding Dress High Neck Long Sleeves Bridal Dress with Floral Lace

The strongest trend in minimalist makeup is the «bare face» or as others call it «washed face», which has nothing washed, but its essence lies in giving a natural appearance and highlighting the features of your face. For this type of makeup, your best friends will be warm colors, a good highlighter, your lips very well moisturized with pink touches and slightly marked cheekbones, your eyebrows will also play an important role, embrace their natural shape, mess them up a bit and that’s it! !


One-Shoulder Split Front Floral Long Prom Dress

Minimalist bridal hairstyles are classic and may seem like they didn’t take much effort, so one option to complement your hairstyle can be a small headdress that adorns it to give balance.


Jewelry plays a very important role when putting together your minimalist look, since having chosen a wedding dress with a classic and simple shape, it can be the icing on the cake to accentuate your face, neck or hands. The options are endless, but the key to choosing your jewelry is to focus on delicate pieces with peculiar shapes, let’s remember that minimalism when seeking harmony in the set of elements can come to look like a work of art, so take advantage of that detail to wear unique pieces.

Balance is also something that we must follow when choosing each element, so if you opted for beautiful earrings, a necklace is probably no longer necessary and complements the cut of your dress.

Wedding Dress Sleeveless V-Neck Satin Bridal Dress with Floral Lace Pattern
White Floor-length Spaghetti Straps Open Back Satin Mermaid Wedding Dress
Elegant Deep V-Neck Floral Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress Sleeveles halter White Satin Bride Dress
Sweetheart Backless Satin Mermaid Floor-length Wedding Dress With Side Slit

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