The choice of bikini or mesh is a theme of each summer. Every year we usually look for a new model, but we do not always have the tools to know how to choose which one best suits our personal characteristics.

1.What is fashionable does not always look good on you.

You can buy a T-shirt or a pair of shoes because they are trendy –and you like them too–, but never a swimsuit. This is a garment that has to fit you well, since a large part of the body is visible. The main slogan: try to enhance what we like the most and hide what we like the least.

2 .You have to be encouraged to try different models.

You will be surprised that the outfits you historically used are not the ones that fit you best. Above all, if you are over 40 years old or if you had children and your body changed you: the law of gravity is a fact, girls. Probably, you have to wear the top of the bikini more armed or with a push up to lift the bust.

3 .The entire mesh stylizes the body.

Luckily, a couple of years ago the entire mesh is a trend. So for many women who have a little belly, excess skin or stretch marks, this is the salvation. Short girls also look good in one-pieces because they stylize the body, especially those with a plunging neckline. These should be rather plain, in dark colors or with small prints.

4.High panties control love handles.

Halter Bikini Set Beach Swimwear Bathing Suit

Another ally for those who do not want to show their entire belly, but do not want to wear a bikini either, is the trend of high panties, which is very flattering! They are ideal to refine the body and give a more stylized effect.

5 .If you have a lot of bust, hide it.

Solid Color Push-Up Padded Top Bottom Bikini Set

There is nothing worse than being all the time checking that the bikini does not move and something else is seen. Therefore, if you have a large bust, forget about triangles and, even more so, about strapless ones. You have to choose a cup top and wide straps that hold you well. This has to be in dark colors, preferably smooth.

6.If you have little bust, enlarge it.

Tasseled Strapless High Waist Two-piece Bikini Setsz

If you have a small bust, the most flattering models are the one with a strapless heart, the classic halter or the more closed one, which is very fashionable now. You can use them with colorful or large prints. Horizontal stripes and white color also help make the bust appear larger, as do details like fringes and ruffles, which increase surface area and simulate more volume.

7.The waist can be “smaller.

Chic Ruffled Spaghetti Two-piece Bikini Sets

If you have a small waist, we do not recommend the entire mesh, but two pieces are preferable. Look for the top and the panties to have details such as ruffles, which increase the area and give the feeling of having more of a waist.

8.There is a panty for each type of hip.

Women Halter Bikini Set Cut Out Swimsuit

If you are very Latin, with large hips, we suggest you use a dark panties to hide the area and a striking top to divert the view upwards. It is essential that you do not mark the sides, and a good model for that is the one with gathered sides. On the other hand, if your hips are small, we recommend panties with straps on the sides, ruffles or knots.

9.Light colors enlarge, dark colors shrink.

In general, light colors, and especially white and fluorescent colors, cause an illusion of enlargement; while dark colors, especially black, give the feeling of shrinking. On the other hand, large and colorful prints also seem to enlarge; contrary to what happens with small prints and colors with little contrast.

10.The ruffles do not go with any garment.

Many times we choose frilly tops or panties and then when we put on our clothes the shape of the bikini is marked, leaving the area with more volume, which does not favor us. If we opt for this type of models, it is best to combine them with shirts or dresses made of thick fabrics with drape.

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