Anniversary #5 of the blog: The growing crisis, books and Harry Potter

5 years, the round number finally arrived
how this is a very special occasion for us, we wanted to recall and share in an article our writings and favorite stores, highlight what have been our best experiences buying (you know we have a slight obsession with shopping) our books and all the things that in these 5 years we have shared with you and some that have not, remember that we have seen grow and change tastes is to be our school.

As some of you may know, this blog started with book reviews so the first stop is our reviews throughout these 5 years, as we mentioned at the beginning there have been books that we have not shared such as Pride and Prejudice, which we very much regret not having ever written your review with our thoughts and teachings, we just thought that nobody would find it interesting to read a review of a classic of classics, but at the time of writing this article we had to choose our most memorable books, we have many reviews of fantastic books, but we wanted to choose the books that have marked us, because you have seen us grow and mature we started at 14 years and now we are 19, so you have seen here is the crude opinion of two young girls.

When we think about our books we remember the stages of our life, they inadvertently transport us to what was happening at that time for example the books of the Divergent saga.

Divergent was the book that we read in 2014 the same year of the opening of the blog, we were in the school and it was not an easy year but it arrived on November 30 and while we were listening to Ediff Piaf’s La Vie en rose and a strange obsession with going to Paris (which we have not visited yet) it occurred to us to have a personal blog called La Vie en Rose, but it lacked a touch then Life in Rosa but Chic 😉 . We consider this saga (Divergent) as our books of adolescence, we have been lucky to find characters and stories with which to identify.

Reading grows with us, and every time we read some of these books we find new things (but in reality we see everything different) because we move forward, we mature. Now 19 years old we remember Pride and Prejudice and we see in him 15 years old, astonished with Jane Austin’s ingenuity and obsessed with everything related to the time, in fact with this novel, we entered the world of history, we read a lot about events of the past, preparing ourselves to understand better, Jane Austin is responsible for our good notes in history.


But we keep growing and the reality is harder and harder, we notice things that we used to overlook and we find books like Anne Frank’s diary, with 16 years old (Yo Nori) the reality didn’t seem so catastrophic to me anymore, I would never compare myself with her, but I felt a bit identified, at that age I preferred to be so much apart, absolved in my own problems and interests. Remember that spending your time blogging in a place where no one knows what you’re doing is a bit complicated.

At 17 years of age in our last year of high school I remember that I was sitting in classes reading Leal, the last of the divergent saga, with that book I learned to read with noise, I was literally finishing a book that not only marked the end of a trilogy but also the end of my life in school.

 And then you graduate and you’re left with nothing to do, and there are the books of two girls who don’t know what to do with their lives. 

That’s what we call them, books like Hush Hush and the Shakespeare Code, we both read these books in different years, but it’s the same meaning for both, at 17. But we keep on growing and you enter the university to study Engineering where you read The Worst Journey in the World, with Puccini’s background music, but you want to keep on being young and continue reading a little bit of fallen angels during the holidays.


And time passes and when we were 18 years old we found ourselves in our room on a boring and long holiday (longer than normal) reading Crime and Punishment and Love Letter to the Dead, time and reading oblige you in a certain way to mature but always bearing in mind that you can return to fantasy worlds and youthful readings. With time you impose yourself challenges as a reader and you propose to read new authors for example in my case Russian literature, it should be noted that I had been immersed in fantasy for some time, but returning and touching land with Fiodor Dostoyesvki was a blow to reality. And if I think of my 18-year-old self, the reality of an uncertain future has never been so real.

But the holidays were over and even if you don’t believe it, the fun was just beginning. You won’t believe what I’m going to tell you, but as it’s shocking, I’ll put it in big letters.


Yes, these books are now, we haven’t finished reading them all but they represent our present. Well, we’ve never seen the movies before (because we wanted to read the books first) and it would take us some time, you know, there are a lot of them, and so time went by and we hadn’t read them. But taken up the challenge because we have time and if it is not now, it is never, because we do not intend to leave the university again so we venture-not.

When you reach the age when you’re neither an adolescent nor an adult, you start asking yourself too many questions like, What do I do with my life? What are my aspirations? What have I done so far? Have I done enough? And it’s really overwhelming and in that state you only think, why worry if I’m young and there’s time, but society requires you to «meet certain parameters» in order to fit in whether you’re ready or not. But in the decision of whether to be a teenager or an adult we decided to be Girls and go to Hogwarts and not worry about anything other than Harry Potter, and as we’ve commented the books we’ve been lucky enough to read have rarely been linked to aspects of our lives, when we start reading Harry Potter we find what we were looking for is the point in your life where you don’t want the complicated teenage story with loves and dislikes, and the madness of being young, but you don’t want to be an adult and face the crude truth either, and Harry Potter is fresh air, but we can’t run away from reality and Harry Potter teaches us that, because growing up is inevitable, everyone happens to us, nothing happens.


Here is a problem, yes, we have not shared everything we have bought but the truth is that this blog has many hauls of products we have purchased over these 5 years, not all are published but if some of the most special. In these 5 years we have never been faithful to a brand and you will not see great brands here, because our policy is Good, Pretty and Cheap, here we are not afraid of imitations because fashions come and go and only the basics prevail so invest in them.  We have traveled a lot in Asian stores and although some do not believe it, they have never let us down, the first store we worked with was Shein (when they were still called Sheinside).

Shein: Even though we haven’t collaborated with them in years, we still buy in their store, and of all the Asian stores this one gets the prize for creativity, in my opinion it’s the store that innovates the most, they are always in the trend and with respect to their quality it’s a 10 an 8. If yours is to look good and not spend so much this is your store just like Romwe.

Záful: Zaful wins the prize for quality, of all these economic stores this is the one with the best quality in its products. The prices are a little higher but they are still economical, so Zaful enters the list of our trusted stores.

Amicludwear: After Amazon is our best store to buy shoes. This American company has everything and the quality and designs of their shoes are excellent, so if you walked into that store and weren’t sure you wanted to buy, you won’t regret it.

Dresslily, Rosegal, Gamiss and Newchic

If you are looking for super affordable options, go to these stores, if you want to see some hauls, you can see them here on our blog where we have made reviews of their products.

Fallenbrokenstreet: Have you noticed that we never take our hats off? At the moment we can only guarantee the entire quality of this Australian store. Our loyal travel companions who have gone through EVERYTHING and are still intact as if they had just arrived.

Amazon: I know it will seem silly to some, but we couldn’t miss this opportunity to recommend Amazon, a few days ago we heard a young man say that he was afraid to buy from Amazon because he thought his money would be stolen, so if you’re afraid to buy from Amazon please don’t have it anymore, you’re missing all the fun, and if you don’t know how to buy go to YouTube and see a tutorial. Now that the speech is clear we can only say «Welcome to online shopping» and you won’t want to buy any more out of home.
So we close our list, in these stores is most of our stuff. It is important not to forget and give thanks to all these fabulous stores that throughout these 5 years have been our accomplices and all those who have believed in us to enhance their brands.

Thanks to the readers who are from the beginning since we only published reviews and to all those who have come with the years for various reasons. We value your interest in reading our opinion, we love you.

Nori and Norlis
PD: Soon we will return to university

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