Recreating Gigi Hadid look

Recreating Gigi Hadid using Amazon

Hello guys, we want to welcome you to this new category of recreating looks of celebrities, in movies, series or in their daily lives, we will try to recreate their looks using everything or almost everything from Amazon and taking into account that you must not be multimillionaire to look like a star.

This look is totally recreated in Amazon, these are the links of all the articles, if you want to recreate them.
Sweater   Pants  Jacket  Handbag  Sunglasses

Discover the style of the eldest of the Hadid sisters. Her best red carpet apparitions and her most casual looks. An addict to comfortable footwear and sunglasses in her everyday styles. Bomber jackets and fur coats are also present in her wardrobe. For her gala events, she usually bets on metallic fabrics and fine sandals. Your model to follow the days in which you wake up without knowing what to wear. 

We love to recreate the stars and icons of fashion, so it’s a pleasure for us to look for every piece of looks for those who love fashion and don’t want to spend so much money.

Women long coat

                                                                                  Nori and Norlis

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