Colors That Make You Look Like a Million Dollars (without even trying)!

Hola|Hi|Aloha|Ciao|Salut|你 do you want an immediate luxury effect in your looks? These are the colors you need to include in your closet.

The choice of color not only helps our mood to rise and that we manage to convey our true possibility but it is also our way of communicating with the whole world without speaking. Therefore, we must admit that there are days that we want to impress, so that the power of these colors take over our personality and we manage to leave everyone speechless. We already know that colors like black or red will NEVER fail to create this effect, but what other shades denote style, sophistication and even richness? Friend, you came to the right place … We tell you the colors that make you look luxurious, make you feel strong to take a step full of style and with which everyone will say: ‘she has it all’ … You will have a boost of power instantly!


Stylish Long Sleeves Dark Green Evening Maxi Dress

If you want to have a color that makes you see that you have ‘everything resolved’, this tonality is for you. But, especially if you use emerald green in blouses. Its effect brings all the attention to your face and makes you look more interesting than ever. Choose tops, jackets and shirts with this color and do not be afraid to choose dramatic structures. The more attention this piece has in emerald color, the better. We assure you that no one will take their eyes off you and you will maintain the sophistication of your look. (ATTENTION: it achieves the balance with the lower part in neutral tones and without prints. We love the gift more is more, but we should not abuse it either).

Charming One Shoulder Dark Green Evening Maxi Dress with Side Split


Boho Sparkly Sequins Soft Tulle Maxi Party Dress

Uff! This color guarantees sophistication when using it. The truth, if you want to have an outfit that stops traffic, a total look in this color will be a great YES. In summer 2021, it is worth allying yourself with fresh fabrics that denote automatic elegance like silk. If you want to start small, start with lower garments like wide-leg pants or skirts so that you feel more confident in this color. One thing if we guarantee you, your look will look a million dollars with this color choice.

Luxury Illusion neck Lavender White Beads Prom Dress


But, with certain conditions. If you have an important day and you need to feel strong, an outfit in camel and / or nude color is a great choice. Just take care that the tonality does not go with your skin color, otherwise, it will seem that you are in the ‘Eva suit’ – yes, with nothing – For this color to make you look luxurious you need to ally yourself with textures and variations of this tonality : flowy fabrics, vynil, contrast nudes and more … Believe it or not with this color, the sky is the limit when it comes to luxurious combinations.

Strapless Sexy Two Piece Evening Dresses


Either the color orange or its variation that has more red tones, this color is a total GO to convey the luxury you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with statement accessories in gold, as this adds even more sophistication. We recommend wearing it in garments such as dresses, as it achieves an outfit full of strength (especially in summer).

Orange V-Neck Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Backless with Slit

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