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It is never too late to receive 2020 as it should in this blog;) we know that some days have passed but, guys we are only two girls from the 00’s assimilating a new decade flying away from home to go to university and recharging ourselves with new ideas .
But what we come for … You buy purchases and more purchases, after the madness of the parties we have been able to make a small collection of the self-gifts we gave ourselves and after trying them some time to talk a little about them.
As good collectors of watches for some time we had wanted to get out of the classic style and try some sports watch with which we could exercise, sincerely as we did not know if we would like to, we wanted to opt for one economical enough to not regret. Navigating with Banggood we find this model that includes basic functions of this type of watches such as: notification of calls and messages, step counter, calories, blood pressure, tension etc. After using it for a while we come to these conclusions.
´Pros: For its price it is quite fast what it offers works and synchronizes very well with the application. The quality is respectable.
Cons: It is a bit noisy and the smell of the plastic strap is nothing nice that makes you want to have it away from you. We have managed to remove the smell a little with some techniques that we found on the Internet but it is not pleasant at the beginning.
In conclusion it is a basic cheap watch, perfect for those who do not expect much from this type of watches.
Metal Full Frame Sunglasses
After almost 4 years using our RayBan’s classics which you can see in most of our photos we have found a «replacement» according to us. The truth is that the model is very similar to the ones we mentioned but this one in particular is in brown, a beautiful Zaful design as always; Most of the things in this store surprise us with its excellent quality.
(The craziest thing is that we buy these sunglasses in Rosegal but they are from Zaful;) you know: it’s the same) Unfortunately, this design is no longer available but we have found a similar model on Amazon if anyone is interested.

Love Bracelets
Ok, we believe that one of our frustrated little whims could be one of our favorite things to start the collection of these Love Cartier bracelets, although it is true that the original versions of these cost a small fortune but there is nothing that Amazon does not solve and we have found an identical replica as you can see in the images even the interior is recorded as the originals; Simply stunning finish. We have been using this product for a while, we wanted to wait a prudent time to be able to see its behavior with daily use and review it honestly and Wuaoo after 3 months of use the bracelet has not lost its color or brightness (recently taken photos).
Unfortunately it is sold out on Amazon, if at any time it is back in stock we will place the link
Excelevam PopCorn Maker
Last but not least this hot air machine to make popcorn, we believe that this product is the cherry of the cake of these purchases, for some time we were wishing one to finally stop making them with oil and opt for something else healthy. In the market there are infinities of these machines and after reading a lot about it we opted for this Excelevan model for the amount of cups and volts; its price compared to another is much higher but according to the reviews they are not noisy compared to others and the texture is nice, fortunately we managed to get a good deal on Dresslily; who had it for the second time in his stock. Already after using it for about a month we can attest that it works, the texture is so light and soft it is quite fast and leaves almost no corn to explode, easy to clean and light. This model is currently sold out in Dresslily but is available on DgGate and Ebay who may be interested.
Note: When almost all the cup is not filled, some cornfields can fly out to your bowl which you can reuse if you wish; That is the only detail that we have found so far.
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