Of all Shapes and Sizes

At last designers are beginning to reflect the full range of skin colors, sexual and gender options.

The pressure of the beauty canons established by society leads many plus-size women to feel insecure when choosing the garments to form their daily outfit. Currently, «plus size» fashion has taken on a significant value, since it is a real and true representation of the woman’s body. An interesting and motivating phrase by Edith Dohmen says: «It’s not about the size you wear, it’s about how you wear your size.»


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The global re-evaluation of conventional beauty standards has grown in response to the limited definition of physical perfection that has long prevailed and been widely denounced by plus size and plus size models. As consumers, we understand it. We believe in exposing unconscious bias and allowing ourselves to be ourselves. And that, actually, should be the end of the story. But right now, a little over three years after the movement exploded, its rallying cry remains one that lingers everywhere on social media, but remains conspicuously absent in major campaigns. Right now, there are 10 million posts tagged #bodypositive on Instagram. The concept is championed by everyone, from Hollywood celebrities to television stars and by a large online community. And this represents a happily received change.

This is not to say that brands are staying completely silent – far from it: there is virtually no beauty or wellness company that is not proclaiming the embrace of physical diversity, celebrating women of «all shapes and sizes» and that promotes «body confidence.»

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