Lipsticks that we all must have

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 We always talk about having a smart wardrobe, the shoes of the moment and even the top manicures, but there is something we are forgetting, it is not the keys to your house, it is not the skin care routine, it is the lipsticks. These small objects will always make a difference in your look and will be the best allies for the final touch of your makeup. And nothing better than Lipstick Day to talk about them.

Just as we have the little black dress that is a basic in closets, lipsticks should have their own space in the most audacious cosmetic bags. Far from the seasonal tones and the trends that are positioning themselves, there are colors that will always be a hit in beauty looks.

The world of lipsticks is very extensive, long and varied. We are also sure that we can deviate from the path between shades, special editions, finishes, effects and a long list of etceteras, but luckily and within the framework of lipstick day, we will tell you which lipsticks cannot be missing from your cosmetic bag, no stop reading and check with a magnifying glass if you have them all.


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Shine and more shine

The frost lipsticks are the ideal option when you want to shine for your beauty look, since they can transform that casual makeup into one with a more glam wave in a matter of seconds.

Normally we see these lipsticks in very intense tones that you should try urgently, try purple, blue and even red tones, the point here is that your makeup changes radically. May your lips be the best excuse to shine!


Nude: the least selfish lipstick of this top

This tone is a classic that we must all count on, since it is the ideal complement for the most natural looks. This lipstick will give balance to your makeup and above all it will leave the spotlight for the eyes.This is always recommended to be similar to your skin tone, since if you choose them incorrectly it can be an own goal in your cosmetic bag. Have you noticed that this is one of Kim Kardashian’s favorite shades?


Matte shades? Of course

These are perfect for autumn days where the vegetation begins to change color, the weather and even warm clothes make the perfect match so that this can happen in a very incredible way.

Try to have two or three sticks of lipstick in these shades that are always a hit in casual beauty looks.


Cherry glaze

Many times we want to grab our partners with kisses and leave a permanent mark, for those days where love does not fit on your chest, bright and sweet tones are perfect.

In addition to making you look fabulous, these shades are perfect to always leave your personal stamp everywhere. This presentation is almost always liquid with long-lasting glossy textures.



And last but not least, the classic red lips are the must that will never go out of style. There are many shades for this color, the idea is to try and find out which one suits your skin tone best. This color is ideal to feel more confident and highlight your beauty.

Now that you know it, take a good look at your cosmetics and take note of each basic one of the cosmetic bag. Remember that for stunning lips you have to be careful with them, so drink plenty of water and on the days you don’t use lipstick you can protect with a balm to prevent them from drying out.


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