The tie-dye print


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2020 trends?

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The bets of the great designers that we saw parade in the past Fashion Weeks already warned us some of the new trends that were coming for this season and soon we will be able to wear them on the street ourselves. Pay attention, because here we reveal some of these fashion novelties that will help you create your most stylish summer outfits. 

The tie-dye print

We could already see last year how this peculiar pattern became the favorite of the influencers, however, 2020 is going to be its year. Many celebrities have already fallen for the fresh and casual air of tie dye, with which to create from comfortable looks to be at home to more arranged outfits.

If you grew up in the 90s, there was probably a lot of tie dye in your closet and you probably spent the entire summer wearing tshirts, towels and even socks full of bright and colorful spirals that looked like you had made them at home (which was not the case because your parents probably thought you were going to turn their living room into a rainbow blast.) You loved all of that, but there came a point where it stopped being cool, you forgot it and took it out of your closet completely, and now you sure regret it.

Go from the 90s to 2020 and Tie Dye is a trend again, you find it in tennis shoes, sweatshirts, pants and Tshirts, in slightly more sophisticated versions of the ones you used as children, and it seems that the coolest men and women are using, and now you want it again.

Tie dye, the special print that became synonymous with nonconformity in the 90s, will continue to be a trend this spring-summer 2020. During 2018 it was already predicted that the trend of faded colors – although many of us were reluctant – was going to become the favorite print of 2019. And so it was. Last summer, print invaded the fashion industry, and everything indicates that this 2020 will be no different.

The history of tie-dye printing and fashion designers is a most controversial love story. From time to time, the creative directors of the firms recover this trend – Prada did it in 2004 and Proenza Schouler in 2011-. This season, brands continue to bet on the benefits of tie dye in both daring versions and more sophisticated ones. And, although tie-dye and sophistication may seem like two totally opposite concepts (since the pattern has a do-it-yourself aspect that, inevitably, is linked to the home-made and, therefore, to the informal), this season the print will bring out its most elegant side. The key? Combine tie dye garments with other more classic ones, for example, skirts and dresses of the special print will be combined with high-heeled sandals to achieve a round look with a touch of trend.

Although we thought tie dye was a dead trend, it was only fallow. This spring-summer, judging by all the novelties that have reached stores, it will be one of the key prints of the season. How deluded we were when we believed that tie dye was just a matter of summer camp activities and that we would never wear this print again!

As happened to us with the snake or leopard print, which for a few years we forgot about them, the tie dye seemed more than forgotten.However, until Zara, Bershka and even Polo Ralph Lauren have not filled the clothes of their shelves, virtual and physical, with the fashion print tie dye we have not become aware that this trend that was born in the 60s has returned with a lot of strength.

You are going to wear it in shirts, pants, flowing dresses in hippie style, because let’s not forget that this pattern is also related to the 60s, the golden age of hippies, and even in bikinis and swimsuits, from the most sporty  ones. more sophisticated. And, yes, forget about those T-shirts that you dyed at school because, luckily for you, all the fashion that has reached the stores is much more careful. Or else, how could you imagine that Gigi Hadid was going to set foot on the street if her Prada dress hadn’t been up to a trend of spring-summer 2019? Impossible!

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