10 Rules of etiquette that a classy lady should know.

From the look to the choice of public places, from the language to the gossip, an elegant lady cannot be confused with a girl: here is a manual of suggestions for appropriate behavior for all.

The label is that unwritten code that dictates the rules of good taste and cannot be defined as universal, because it changes according to circumstances and age.

For this reason, a lady’s etiquette can be considered «adapted» for her and for her actual age, regardless of how old she is to her.

Because this is the point: even if you feel younger (which is certainly a positive fact) you should never adopt attitudes that do not fit your age, not only not to violate the rules of bon ton, but above all not to appear ridiculous or worse, pathetic.

Here are some little ground rules to keep in mind so that she always looks like a real lady. Ya

1.Underwear on view

If at thirty years of age, a touch of lingerie that can be seen from the neckline can make those who wear it look seductive, twenty years later, the risk is not appearing very elegant.

2. Sexy clothes

The above discussion also applies to short dresses, skirts that are too short, high slits, or plunging necklines.

From the age of 35, it would be good to slowly limit yourself to another type of femininity, less daring but more insinuating and therefore even more intriguing. Also because being too sexy never matches etiquette and being classy.

3.Wardrobe background.

As we get older, the type of clothing worn must necessarily change: therefore, the space in the closet with knee-length skirts, palazzo pants, slip-on dresses, soft jackets, kaftans and all those clothes that caress a figure feminine and elegant way without emphasizing excessively pronounced curves.

4. Shoes

The height of the heels should also gradually decrease, both for an aesthetic and healthy speech.

Super high heels and slim heels shouldn’t be phased out at all, but if worn less frequently, they can lead to wider, more comfortable heels, and at heights between 3 and 4 inches, leaving room for the famous 12 heel just in case. for elegant private events.

5. Makeup

Even makeup in a woman’s life should follow an age-related curve. The real difference between makeup for a teenager and a lady lies in the fact that while both aim for an extremely natural result, one will have to aim to enhance the freshness given by youth, while the other will aim to correct imperfections, without transforming facial features and without creating the terrible «mask» effect.


Wanting to attend places where the average age is significantly lower than one’s own at all costs can only make us look like the eternal Peter Pan trying to chase an age that is long gone. Better, therefore, cocktails, aperitifs and dinners in fashionable clubs but not frequented only by very young people.

7. Hours

Coming home at dawn like twenty-somethings, risking more than coming home after perhaps their children, does not suit the lifestyle of a true lady. Sometimes it’s okay to stay up late, but making it a way of life is wrong.

8. Tattoo

Tattoos are ageless, but also in this case the rule must always be that of good taste. A woman who chooses to get a tattoo must rely on a design that is refined, non-invasive, and not too exposed. For this reason, it is good to choose parts of the body that do not highlight any age-related defects, such as the inside of the arms, but instead choose areas that are not affected by the passage of time, such as the ankles, shoulders or the back. back.


Gossip is one of many people’s favorite activities. But a classy lady should abolish it, especially in public places and even more so when it comes to the circle of friends.

10. Language

Pretending to be young using typical teenage slang terms or neologisms can only make a lady ridiculous. A classy woman uses a language that reflects her, respectful of the grammar and spelling rules of her language. Also because he should have had time and a way to read and acculturate, and there is no better way to make culture shine than through a language property that is decidedly superior to that of a young person, taking care not to appear affected and pedantic.

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