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 The most elegant bridesmaids dare with special necklines and sheer fabrics

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Among the most viral photographs that hide behind the hashtag #wedding there are not only spectacular brides, dream decorations, locations with history or guests with great taste, there are also perfect bridesmaids.

This spring / summer 2020 is committed to color, sheer fabrics and very diverse necklines, from asymmetrical to Bardot. We analyze the most inspiring trends.

Transparent sleeves

This design gesture allows any dress to be mid-season and easily adaptable to any situation. Although transparent sleeves in bridesmaids are not a new trend, since they have been quite popular for three years, yes that in 2020 there is a clear commitment in spring to add this type of sleeves to all the proposals, some especially original, for give them a more sophisticated touch.

Cape or tunic effect 

Although it may seem too wintery for this time of year, if the dresses with a tunic vocation and flight in the upper area are made in light and delicate fabrics such as wild silk or chiffon, the godmother would have no reason to be hot, especially in summer.

3D flower dress
Subtle or excessive (in the best of senses), large or small, silk or lace, in white or even in color … go with them because you will see many 3D flowers in dresses.
In any case, they are not something for those looking for a discreet dress, but they are very romantic. What do they look like from a fairy tale? Dresses that look like princesses or in which you can see the freshness and magic of the gardens since not only flowers are seen, but also the leaves and stems. And that they are romantic does not mean that they cannot be sexy, because the flowers can be strategically placed in lace dresses that reveal a lot of skin on the areas that you want to cover.                    
Tie at waist
There are wedding details that make the difference, from well-done makeup, neat stationery, appropriate guests, well-chosen music, a successful menu … And also a stylish godmother.
Mermaid cut
The mermaid cut and the trumpet silhouette are not only available to brides, also bridesmaids and guests are interested in it and try it. These types of designs outline the figure perfectly without being excessive or flashy, which is why they are increasingly sought after and common on social networks.

Elegance is the only beauty that never goes away. 

                                                                                              -Audrey Hepburn

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